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written by a father-daughter duo.


Rajendra Singh Kohli, an Indian Sikh, had led Muslim men of the 3/1 Punjab Regiment into battle against the Germans in Libya and Italy, losing many young soldiers he had grown strong friendships with. While in battle, he was gravely injured while saving his fellow men in an ambush, but miraculously survived. He was nursed back to health by a dedicated British nurse, Sister Eggleton, in Italy.


Norah Elizabeth Eggleton, a Royal Army nurse in Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, (QAIMNS) could not have possibly imagined what war would bring. Like most volunteering for the war, she was responding to her inner voice of duty and encountered death and destruction, but also found her purpose in saving lives.


As fate would have it, Raj was under the care of Norah, when he was rescued, and before long, they fell in love. But would they ever have a chance at a life together, or would circumstance forbid it? A story that is bound to captivate readers across the world, RAJ & NORAH (working title), is an immersive true story of love found, lost and re-claimed during World War II. This book aims to honor a true wartime story where courage, loyalty, and above all, love, are entangled within every page.


About the Authors:

Peter R Kohli was born in India in June of 1949. He emigrated to America in 1977 from the UK where he went to University and resided for about 10 years. He worked in corporate America for a number of years and initially settled in Livingston, New Jersey before moving to Pottstown, Pennsylvania where he now lives with his wife. He has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Peter is currently working on a third novel, and has written several short stories which he intends to publish as a collection.


After graduating from Pepperdine University in 2013, Shaina made a running start for the entertainment industry. From a viral video asking Joe Jonas to her sorority formal she met Kevin Jonas Sr and worked at the Jonas Group for 5 years. She currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband. Shaina is working on another novel and is forever working at her intention to make a difference in the world.