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Jonas group entertainment artist, Josh Pineda, was born in Dallas Texas and raised in Seattle Washington. By age two, Josh’s parents had already bought him a drum set as his sense of rhythm and skill for his age was off the charts. By the time he was in high school Josh was writing music and performing at local talent shows with much success. It was clear that Joshwas a born entertainer. 


When asked about his dreams as an artist, Josh’s answer is riveting: “I aspire to influence culture on the same scale that icons like Elvis, Michael jackson, and Bruno Mars have. I’m madly in love with life and I want to show people a good time, remind them life is beautiful and worth loving, and so are they.” 


Jumping onto the music scene with electrifying energy and a contagious sense of warmth and  charisma, Josh Pineda is quickly making waves with an undeniably Bruno-esque swagger. 


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