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AUTHOR, SCREENWRITER, AND COLLEGE PROFESSOR, WEST MICHELL had her first book, "Under the Veil," published in Spring 2017 by Balancing Planet Pictures receiving rave reviews from readers across the United States.

Over the years, Michell has been involved in many facets of the media/entertainment industry working with a variety of clients in New York City and Los Angeles.  Some of her more notable projects have included: co-writing a feature length docu-comedy, writing and publishing two children’s books, and writing for an on-line publication. 


Michell writes books to empower individuals and help them to understand and recognize the amazing strengths and abilities they already possess. Currently, she is working on her second novel and has a screenplay, which she co- wrote, being shopped in Hollywood.

In Fall 2017, Michell launched "West of Winsor," her first online novel. Set in the fictional New Jersey town of Lovelace, home to Ludington University, "West of Winsor" tells the story of The Wynn family who has moved to this bucolic town to start a new life. After the family opens up its home to two University student boarders, things start to change for them. Who knows what the future will hold?   "West of Winsor" will be uploaded for your enjoyment in installments at


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